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I am up up up. I was about to go to bed. I was actually on my way to lay down, I saw the bed and was rounding the corner to pull my blanket back and climb in, when I suddenly decided I want to stay up (that was at 11:23pm) and here I am still awake at 2:24am. I got an appointment with my Therapist in the morning…..


I have spent this time going online, reading up on the news, applying for a job (I am currently job hunting, which is definitely   not easy with 3 million people looking at that same job, but oh well I do the best that I can do and that’s all that can be done. I watched a few trailers nothing worth mentioning, I added a new movie to my instant Netflix queue (Phoebe in Wonderland) which I will be watching on Friday


Lol, I forgot I was typing this and it is now 3:00am I guess I should be getting to bed… You know that feeling when your eyes are heavy but you are not sleepy, that’s what this is……. Just yawned so I guess I should be headin off…


Good night and Good luck (great movie btw)