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Entry 2

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Woke up this morning, I had the fan running all night which is something I always do otherwise I will never be able to sleep because its so loud in my head and when I woke up my friend called me and I have been on the phone since which is also good for drowning out the noise


I texted my therapist something today. I had a panic attack today. I was sitting on the couch with my laptop looking up homemade soap recipes, and all of a sudden my heart started racing and my breathing was shallow and my face and ears got hot and I realized I was having a panic attack. I then remembered my therapists words about trying to find out what triggered it. So I thought back, nothing I was doing online could have triggered it so it had to be something I was thinking and I started going back in my thoughts right before it started and all I could remember was hearing a voice saying you are worthless, you are stupid, and then I heard what sounded like at least 5 or so voices with different pitches high and low talking at once with an indistinctive chatter that I could not make out exactly. Then the panic attack started. This is not the first time I hear the “voices” in my head. Anyways I am supposed to start documenting them so this is just the beginning……….


oh yeah I cut today……