Suicidal Laughter

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Cutting, Disconnected, suicidal, suicide

I wrote a long post about what’s currently going on only to have it my force close! Anyway short version lol……I am currently in the hospital being held for 24 hours waiting if I need to be held another 72 hrs for a suicide attempt this afternoon.

I sat in the car and sliced my arms up with a butcher knife and razors after writing goodbye letters to everyone.

I was escorted to the hospital with my friend by police (my therapist called them) and I am currently sitting on the bed hooked up to monitors waiting for my Psych Evaluation

Thank goodness for my funny nurse who whenever its his turn to watch me (u have to have someone with u at all times) I am always cracking up which keeps my mind of the problems…..

It’s 5am and no sleep….ons try to get some before the evaluator comes……. I will keep posting as things change…this is afterall my diary lol


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