Breakfast at a friends?

Posted: May 2, 2011 in I guess I did something right
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Waiting to hear back from a job that I applied at and interviewed twice. On Friday they told me to just be patient and that they will get back to me….*sigh* its hard to “be patient”.

Especially when you are bored out of your mind. Yes, I know there is ALWAYS something to do. I could cook, clean etc…. but  I do not want to do that. I have no energy, I am seriously emotionally drained. Which worries me about the ability to take on a job yet my Therapist believes it will good for me.

I am sitting here all dressed because I was going to go and surprise a friend and cook breakfast for her, and by the time I got my pants on I was out of energy and momentum, so I just texted her “Whatchya doin” and since I know she is sleep she will not answer, but ya see I did not feel bad barging into her house to make breakfast for her, but I feel bad going in there empty handed and barging in……

Maybe I should go….as I type this (I opened the blinds and let natural light pour into the livingroom) and now I feel a little more energy….okay I am going to go to her house and make breakfast….I know this whole post sounds lame but seriously it helped me to feel a bit better…..

Plus she is awesome and knows about my cutting etc…. so I feel very comfortable around her

Well the razor in my room is calling my name so I better get out of the house either way!


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